How to Teach Children About Dental Cleaning?

It’s a good idea to start getting children used to proper dental cleaning from an early age. Like all habits, the sooner you begin them, the better they will stick. You can begin brushing as soon as the first tooth comes in.

Children Too Young to Brush Their Own Teeth

When they are too young to brush their own teeth, you can start getting children used to proper techniques by doing it for them. Have them watch as you perform the steps so they begin learning how to do it for themselves.

Proper Brushing Steps

These steps are the same ones that you have been doing for your children. Hold the brush at an angle of about 45° toward the gums and move back and forth gently along teeth and gums, on the exterior and interior surfaces of the teeth. To reach the area behind the top and bottom front teeth, hold the tip of the brush upright.

Additional Tips

  • Replace children’s toothbrushes at least every four months.
  • After illness, you can replace the brush as well to avoid the associated germs.
  • Use a soft brush to keep from hurting gums.
  • Brush the tongue to remove bacteria.
  • Start flossing when the teeth are close together and particles can get stuck there.

It is never too early to being instilling good dental care habits and techniques. For more information on how to help your children protect their teeth, call Gentle Care Dentistry at 414-545-8226.

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