Understanding the Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

If you’ve experienced dental issues, you understand how painful it can be and at one point may be faced with the decision to remove the tooth or undergo root canal therapy. When trying to make a decision, you should research the many benefits of a root canal.

Root Canals Preserve the Tooth

The most important benefit is that a root canal allows you to keep your tooth. Extraction doesn’t always guarantee the problem is solved, especially if you don’t have a dental implant afterward. You risk secondary infection, drifting teeth, and other bite problems by opting for extraction over a root canal.

Your Smile Will Improve

Many dental issues can cause the need for a root canal. Repairing the tooth with this procedure often fixes cracks and infections which can cause your tooth to decay, and restore it to a much nicer state and improve your smile.

You Will Feel Better

Aside from relieving the pain, a root canal may also relieve secondary conditions like swelling of the gums and jaw, chewing issues, and the smell often associated with an infected tooth.

When you consider the benefits of a root canal and all the money in further dental surgeries it could save you down the road, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t choose to have one. To learn more, call Gentle Care Dentistry at 414-545-8226.
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