Why Kids Need Dental Cleanings

As a parent, you are in charge of scheduling dental appointments for your child. Although the first visit can be a new experience for your children, regular teeth cleanings have three main advantages when it comes to the oral health of your kids.

Keep Cavities Away

According to recent studies, cavities are becoming more common in children between ages one and four. Whether there is a history of oral complications or your child is just coming in for a checkup, dental cleaning is the #1 way to combat cavities early on.

Learn About Oral Hygiene

Another reason teeth cleaning is so important is that it gives you and your child a chance to learn about proper oral care. In fact, pediatric dentistry uses education as a tool to prevent cavities by teaching kids to practice good hygiene and dietary habits.

Monitor Dental Health

Dental cleanings are also a great way to monitor the oral health of your child over time. Through consistent visits, dentists can compile a complete record of development and use it to map out milestones. In some cases, this may even help identify medical predispositions.

No matter how old your children are, going to the dentist is a necessary part of caring for their teeth. Contact Gentle Care Dentistry to schedule a dental exam for your child today.

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